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E-mail should NEVER be considered private. While it is generally
considered impolite to read other people's mail, it is not illegal,
and is not difficult to do (at least in some cases). Your mail
may reside, sometimes momentarily, sometimes much longer, on twenty
or more computers between the sender and the recipient. From a
practical standpoint, most mail won't be read by anyone else, but
never send sensitive information by e-mail unless you use a strong
form of encryption like RSA or PGP.

We strongly recommend you download and delete (from Wintek's
computers) each piece of mail as you receive it. Keep copies of
your mail, if you wish, on your PC. Do not keep copies on Wintek's

In an attempt to protect your privacy, Wintek does NOT make
backup copies of e-mail stored on its computers. Lawyers and
law-enforcement agencies can subpoena computer backup tapes, and
we'd like to avoid that entire problem. Since computer disks and
other hardware will occasionally fail, we will not be able to
restore any mail that you have stored on our computers.

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